From: Dana Susan Beasley

Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

Dear Fellow Homeschooler:

Poetry can be hard to understand and this lack of understanding can lead to a great deal of frustration in homeschooling your child.

Or perhaps poetry gets pushed to the side because you barely have time even for the basics.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let me help you overcome these problems.

How? Well here’s what I do that’s different…

I offer a way for you and your student to decode poetry with my easy-to-understand lesson ebook. You and your student can learn how to read and write poetry with my expert techniques, tricks, and tools!

Why me? I am an avid life-long poet. And from my experience earning my BA in the Colorado State University creative writing program, I will pass on to you the lessons I learned from my poetry professors. You will be getting a college-level education!

I know inside and out the secrets of poets. I have dedicated my life to learning and practicing this art form.

In short, I will help you unlock the key to understanding, so the end result will be...

Juggling all the necessary subjects for school can be very frustrating, let alone finding that “perfect” curriculum for your school. You don’t have the time to learn an unfamiliar subject so you can teach your child every subject, especially when it comes to extra-curricular subjects or classical literature.

I know how wonderful it is to find a curriculum that guides you as a teacher and helps your students excel. Or some extra bit of knowledge that becomes like that extra feather in my cap that helps my child “get it.” I am passionate about poetry and teaching and am excited that I can help you reach new heights in your homeschooling!

As an editor of college anthologies, I saw an interesting juxtaposition: the secular anthology rejected anything that smacked of religion while the Christian anthology I founded and edited often received mediocre submissions that were labeled “Christian” because it had the word Jesus or God stamped on it.

From that experience, I came to value excellence in writing, as well as writing to the Glory of God. Really, they go hand in hand. I learned that from my experience earning my BA, as well as my avid pursuit of writing poetry over the years.

And now I will be sharing all this knowledge with you in my

My knowledge in poetry has enabled me to be creative and to be an effective communicator. I love the way words sound, forming them into a poem that I can see and touch and hear. And now with the advent of new technology, I have enjoyed getting poetry “out there” on the Internet for others to enjoy.

So what have I written? I have too many poems to share here, but I will be glad to show you a few. You can actually hear me recite them in a dramatic reading, another one of my favorite endeavors.


Sometimes in homeschooling poetry seems like an impossible mystery to crack.

All you need is expert tips and techniques

and in just hours you will increase your knowledge

and enjoyment of poetry!


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Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904


I am passionate about poetry. Over my lifetime, I have soaked up everything I can about poetry, including earning a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing. And as a homeschooling mother, I am passionate about teaching. Now let me help you and your student excel in this most noble art form.

  1. BulletYes! I’m ready to get my poetry decoded!

I understand that I will receive:

  1. BulletEasy-to-understand instructions

  2. BulletOver 40 suggested activities

  3. BulletActionable assignments in these activities

  4. Bullet3 lesson plans on classical poets

  5. Bullet5 computer-fillable essay and analysis forms

  6. Bullet20 notebooking pages

  7. BulletGlossary and Recommended Reading section

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In my lesson ebook, you will receive this and more:

  1. BulletEasy-to-understand, step-by-step guided instructions and assignments.

  2. Bullet3 complete lesson plans to analyze classical poets, including John Milton and William Wordsworth.

  3. Bullet Techniques shared from my time earning my BA in Creative Writing at Colorado State University.

  4. Bullet Clear instruction on how to write excellent poetry, including free verse.

  5. Bullet What to do if you’re stuck.

  6. Bullet Opportunities for your budding poets to be published.

  7. Bullet Will enhance any curriculum program and you are completely in control of the time spent on the lessons.

Here is the format of the lesson ebook:

  1. 1. Over 130 pages in all

  2. 2. Over 20 notebooking pages

  3. 3. Glossary section with helpful definitions

  4. 4. Recommended Reading section with live hyperlinks

  5. 5. Over 40 activities that can enhance any unit study and that will help your student excel in understanding and writing poetry

  6. 6. Five types of computer-fillable forms that will help your student write essays and analyze poetry

This lesson ebook is easy to understand and something you can start teaching and practicing immediately.

An example of what’s included -

  1. You'll learn... the exact technique to reading poetry

  2. You'll learn... the five aspects of poetry

  3. You'll learn... college-level poetry vocabulary

  4. You'll learn... how to write a simile and metaphor

So what are you waiting for? The longer you delay learning how to get your Poetry Decoded, the more frustration you will experience. The flipside is true, also—the quicker you get started learning how to understand and write poetry, the quicker your student will see results! The quicker your student will excel!

Plus, as an introductory offer, I am practically giving away Poetry Decoded. In honor of my recent 12th wedding anniversary, I am giving my lesson ebook to the first 250 people who purchase it for just $3. I could charge a lot more, but I want as many people as possible to enjoy my passion for poetry! Hurry! This number is beginning to dwindle down! The word is getting out!

So jump on board today! Get started immediately and watch your student excel in poetry. The mystery will truly be decoded!

Want a sneak peek? For a sample, click here.

After you read the sample, still not convinced? Read this!

I will return your money at the click of a mouse if you’re unhappy

Just click on the secure order button below and get Poetry Decoded

You will receive your order immediately in the form of an instant download, including:

  1. Bullet40 plus activities

  2. Bullet20 notebooking pages

  3. Bullet5 fillable forms

That’s 135 action-packed informational pages that you can use right away to get that poetry decoded!


Okay, so you want to see what I’m talking about? Go to any Hallmark store and read their cards, the ones with the long flowing verses. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. BulletIs this poem’s emotions supported by concrete images or does it come across as fluff?

  2. BulletIf the poem rhymes, is the rhyming scheme awkward?

  3. BulletAre there any overused words or phrases in the poem (clichés)?

  4. BulletDoes the poem evoke the five senses?

  5. BulletDo they want to make you throw up?

  6. BulletDoes the author use simile, metaphor, conceits, hyperbole?

  7. BulletAre “to be” verbs used?

Ready to get started on taking the mystery out of poetry? Ready to get the poetry decoded?

Together we will reach new heights in our homeschooling and beyond!


P.S. This is a no-brainer: you’ll get my lifetime of experience and passion in poetry in this lesson ebook.

P.S.S. Don’t forget, you can get started immediately on decoding your poetry, thus boosting your homeschooling to unbelievable new heights!

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