Are you looking to connect with other homeschool kids and have outrageous fun? Are you a homeschool parent looking for something educational yet exciting for your children age 9 and up? Do you have a public school or private school child who loves fantasy and wants to make new friends?

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  1. BulletYes! Sign me up for your LARPing camp!

Is your son and daughter looking for an unforgettable adventure this summer?

  1. Then join us the last week of June for an unparalleled summer camp experience!

  1. Dana Susan Beasley, homeschool mother and curriculum author, along with her nephew, Jacob Turner (who goes by his acting name Nathen Creed) and his lovely wife Jaden, will lead this extraordinary camp that will bring excitement and friendship to students in the Colorado Springs area.

  2. Nathen will be facilitating the LARPing experience through our own fantasy world that our team creates. Along with that, students will have the opportunity to build boffer weapons, engage in group storytelling, play acting games, develop their characters, and have fun on the field at the part doing ditch battling and medieval sword fighting drills.

  3. Mission/Vision/Purpose: To provide Christ-centered and character based Live Action Role Playing, battle skirmish physical education, arts and crafts experiences, and drama lessons and practice.

  4. Every child and child at heart is welcome from the age of 9-18.

  5. Other Objectives: Build friendships • Create community • Help each other overcome challenges • Appropriate for Autistic/special needs students/learning-challenged students •  Sword and weapon making • Wearing medieval costumes and accessories • Creative writing • Acting Games • Encourage one another to follow God’s best for our lives • Be beacons of light in a dark world

What are the details?

  1. NEW! Payment plans available! Having a hard time affording the camp? We don’t want anyone to miss out! Scroll below for the option.

  1. Day camp from June 25-29 from 12:30-4:30 pm in the Fox Run Park, Pavilion #3.

• For ages 9 through 18.

  1. On Friday we will end with a Knighting Ceremony and then BBQ (or potluck if there are fire restrictions) dinner so our camp will end at 6:30 pm. Families are welcome and encouraged to attend.

  1. We will send campers forms to create their own characters in advance. Using these forms, campers must write out a summary of their character and email it to us at least a week before camp starts. A parent/camper meeting might also take place so we can run the camp as smoothly and creatively as possible.

  1. Costumes encouraged.

  1. Coins (plastic, sorry, not real ones), will be given to participants based on attendance, attitude, if they wear a costume, etc. They can use these coins to buy enchantments for their weapons and the last day of camp we will have a camp store they can purchase various toys and fun things.

  1. Early bird price is $167 per camper. This includes making a boffer sword that we specifically designed for our LARPing club. Enrollment ends June 23.

  1. A waiver form must be signed by parent or guardian before attending events. A student must also sign a conduct agreement. We also would appreciate a photo release form so we can advertise the camp for next year!

  1. We have a 3 strikes-out policy. If your child breaks our conduct code, he or she will be asked to sit out for a few minutes. If we have to do that 3 times during one class or event, he or she will have 1 strike. If your child gets 3 strikes total, he or she will be asked to leave the group and you will not get a refund for the camp.

  1. Every effort will be made to make this a safe environment. Therefore the three strikes you’re out rule will be enforced. No bullying will be tolerated. Respect is our core value in our group. Hard hitting with LARPing weapons is not allowed, neither is spinning or acting out in rage or hostility.

  1. Other activities include Bible study, devotionals, and personal character development training.

Who is directing this camp?

  1. Mompreneur Dana Susan Beasley, owner of AngelArts, a Creative Arts Agency and Publishing House is the club director.

  1. Has a heart for the Great Commission and impacting lives for Christ. Has a special place in her heart for special needs kids and teens.

  1. Homeschool mom since 2008 and teacher in one capacity or another for over 20 years, including positions as camp counselor.

  1. Creative and loves to help teens and adults reach for God’s best in their lives!

  1. Lifelong enthusiast of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis and hobby fantasy writer. Her ambition is to publish a fantasy book! She created her own world and language when she was a teen.

• Mrs. Beasley spent her childhood LARPing but didn’t know that it was called that! She and her friends used to “play Narnia” in the mesa behind her house. She then taught her oldest nieces and nephews how to LARP and those nieces and nephews taught their younger cousins/siblings. It is a family tradition!

  1. Jacob Turner (AKA Nathen) is our Acting Development Coach. His wonderful wife is his assistant and Mrs. Beasley’s lady in waiting. In other words, Jaden keeps our heads on straight!

  1. Homeschool graduate.

  2. Has had many trials in his life and has come so far. Has a passion to help others overcome their trials.

  3. Ordained minister.

  4. Deep love for Lord of the Rings and Narnia which he grew up reading.

  5. Learned how to be a (Advanced Narrative Roleplay) A-N-R game master.

  6. Able to use his talents to follow a dream of helping youth find a new world in the outdoors and discover their own selves in the process of Live Action Roleplay.

  7. Studied Martial Arts and other combat techniques.

  8. Fitness enthusiast. Studying to get a personal trainer certification.

  9. His wife Jaden is a jewelry designer, certified makeup artist, and loves LARPing and children. She is our assistant coach and assistant teacher.

How do I enroll?

To enroll in the class and reserve your spot, sign up for the enrichment club by hitting the “register now” button below. All major credit cards accepted.

To choose your payment options, just click on the buttons below and follow the prompts. You can also contact Dana with any questions at or 719-212-8977.

What if I want to cancel?

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we know that life happens. However running a camp is not cheap. Therefore cancellations may only be applied for 30 days before the camp. Just contact Mrs. Beasley at 719-212-8977 or

Are you ready to enroll?

Click on the “Register Now” button below. (Keep scrolling down until you see the payment option.)


Directed by


JUNE 23.


Were you a club member in 2017/2018? Contact Dana for a limited time discount code!

Homeschool Enrichment Programs

Summer Camp at Fox Run Park, Pavilion #3

for kids age 9 and up

in Colorado Springs, Colorado

June 25-29, 12:30-4:30 pm

Get involved in active game playing and building friendships!

Special Needs Kids More than

Welcome and Encouraged!



Were you a club member in 2017/2018? Contact Dana for a limited time discount code!