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Brand Identity Quest Tutorial Lesson Series

Learn how to make a brand that sizzles through my self-paced study course. You will receive 14 weeks of graphic design and marketing lessons carefully constructed to guide you step by step in developing your brand image. Plus, you will come away with a strategic brand strategy you can implement immediately.

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Your Guidebook to a Thriving Economy for Authors and Writers

Are you an aspiring or established author or writer? You, too, need business knowledge, marketing know-how, and a brand! This manual and workbook will help you as a writer define your business, make sound marketing choices, and prepare yourself to stand out from the editor’s slush pile. If you want to got the self-published route, it gives you solid ideas to pursue this path as well. If you are serious about becoming successful, then don’t bypass basic fundamentals that you need to know. That is what I have included in this information-packed home study course specifically customized for authors and writers!

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